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Job Description

Aptient Consulting is looking for an individual to join our small team in the role of Infrastructure Engineer. You will be responsible for deploying, augmenting, and supporting networks and servers in data centers all over the world. You will possess exceptional communication skills, be a self-starter, have a fantastic work ethic, be incredibly well organized, work very well without supervision, and ensure projects and tasks are completed on time and meet or exceed customer expectations. You must also be a great culture fit within our organization. This role requires significant worldwide travel, however, special consideration is being given to the current global pandemic. Our clients' footprints include more than 800 sites globally. You will be away from home for up to 180 nights per year. If you love to travel and see the world, then this is the right job for you.

Our clients include Internet and network service providers, critical-infrastructure providers, data centers, content-delivery networks, gaming companies, voice-services providers, hardware and integration providers, medical companies, and religious organizations. You will work with an array of network and server vendors; we're always learning something new.

In-Data-Center Responsibilities

Out-of-Data-Center Responsibilities





Please send an email with your cover letter and CV to job-infra-us-2022@aptient.com.