IP and ASN Procurement

At Aptient, we remove the guesswork and uncertainty from IP application processes. Applying for ASN or IP allocations can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Because of the complex technical nature of the process, navigating the application's intricacies may be difficult or simply too time consuming. And an improperly completed application can delay acceptance for weeks, create extra work or possibly result in the outright denial of a request. Our experience with the complexities of ARIN, RIPE and APNIC processes can help to mitigate the pitfalls
and complications many applicants may encounter. With a 99 percent approval rate of more than 200 applications, our application specialists will manage your application process from start to finish. We will submit your applications and handle all correspondence with the registrars, including answering any questions in regards to your application. Typically, the application process for an ASN is about seven business days, although it can take as few as six days or as many as 10. The application process for an IP allocation can be as short as 10 business days and as
long as 30 business days, with 15-20 business days being average. On completion of the entire application process, we turn over all registrar accounts and passwords to your organization so you can maintain your account moving forward.
The Consulting Edge
With IPv4 addresses nearing exhaustion and increased demand for IPv6 blocks, the application and approval procedure is lengthier than ever. If your engineers aren't veterans of the ARIN allocation process, gaining new ASNs and IPs can become a drain on your time and resources. By outsourcing to specialists, you'll streamline your approval process and gain the freedom to focus on things that matter to your business.
  • Save time and resources
  • Avoid complications
  • Applications & paperwork handled
  • All correspondence managed